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  Trigger Banter works extremely well. It's a great way to break the ice,make them smile- then you have opened the door for more of her! Anonymous  

  OMG...T.P., You are the man! My mind has been overwhelmed by the info i recieved. and I just wanted to say thank you Anonymous  

  Yoh TP. Just a note to let you know I've started using Trigger Banter and it WORKS. I have still had a few problems but thats because I need practice which will be easy because TB has given me the confidence. Stan --Manchester UK  

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  Trigger banter can really help. I found the initial interaction with a girl the toughest part in seducing her. Now it is much easier because you have a clear plan in your mind of what you want to say. Anonymous  

  Trigger Banter works, I just started trying out the few things I picked up from you, I honestly didnt think some of these corny lines would get women interested, but they do. It really works! Nick - Spokane WA  

  Hey i just started using it but i found it funny how well it really works. The confidence that it gives me knowing i can jump into a situation and almost always have something to say is sensed by women sometimes even before i say anything. You can catch them giving you those flirty looks which only makes it easier. Anonymous  

  I've only just started, so I still have a lot to learn, but so far trigger banter has got me a bit further than I usually do with women. Anonymous  

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  this stuff definitely works. Trigger Banter is pretty much amazing. The lines are also not set in stone, that's the best part. You can add your own style, they're just amazing guidlines. I used to get tongue tied a lot more than I do now. Now I'm a flirting machine. Anonymous  

  Hey T.P., Trigger Banter changed the way I talked to girls. I used to have to think for minutes on what to say with the girls, and I used to have problems speaking to girls I barely knew, but now I have a plethora of introductory and flirting lines to choose from when flirting. -Bucky  

  Great job on the tips for trigger banter! Its helped a lot! Brendan -- California  

  Trigger banter is great. Sometimes I would start a conversation that led to nowhere but now I can freely flirt. Thank you. A.C - Los Angeles,California  

There's A Lot Of Confusion About Flirting Out There

People have lots of questions about how to flirt. There's a lot of pain and confusion out there. As you read these questions, are you tempted to giggle? Or can you relate some to the problems being communicated? Here's a general question about how to flirt:

  "Hey, Tyler and Melissa, I feel like such a nerd. I mean flirting is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world, right? But I feel like such a retard sometimes. I don't know how to make love. I don't know how to make out. I don't even know how to French kiss. Serously, I'm scared to try French kissing. Do you have any advice about how to practice French kissing? Are there any kissing games I can play with myself or my friends or something?"  

Here's another general question:

  "Do you guys think body language is the key? I've read that. I don't know. My body language. Their body language. It doesn't matter. I dont get it. I want to use romantic body language to engage in non-verbal communication of my desires, but I don't want to seem sleazy. You know? Is there a specific "dating" body language? Or body language for flirting? Or a love body language? But that's not the only problem. I also have trouble reading body language. Any ideas?"  

And there's a lot of passion in this question:

  "Hey T.P., I had a dating coach give me a lot of dating tips and flirting tips, and I'm not sure they're working for me. It seems the coach is teaching me how to flirt online, or how to flirt with strangers, but I don't want to do that. I want to know how to flirt with a friend, actually how to flirt with your BEST friend. It's one thing to flirt with a stranger, and another to flirt with someone you like. My biggest dream is just to have a romantic evening with my best friend, but I don't know how to move things in that direction without risking our friendship."  

Or here's a question about how to flirt with guys:

  "So, when you're flirting with a guy, i need to tell how to tell if he likes you. wat r the signs he likes you? Do you have a "does he like me" quiz or something like that? Does he like you, or does he hate you? I also just need to know how to be a good flirt with guys, you know, and I need to know some ways to flirt with a guy, and I need to know how to flirt with a guy friend."  

And another:

  "Can you use the body language of men to tell if he likes you? And I also need to know how to tell if he LOVES you. I don't like asking cuz it scares guys."  

Or, can you relate to this question?

  "I wish I had an older sister to tell me how to flirt with men. The way I see it, you need to flirt all the time, before you have them, you need to know how to be a good flirt with guys. Then, when you have a man, you have to know how to flirt with your man on a continual basis. At that point, I guess I need to know how to flirt with my boyfriend. So, can you tell me how to flirt with your boyfriend once he's your boyfriend? Is it different from flirting with him when you just meet him? Or is it basically the same? Flirting seems fun, I just don't know how to flirt with a man very well."  

Or this one:

  "I think I'm in LOOOOVE with this older man. I'm just 26 and he's 44. Is that weird? I can't help it. I want him. Tell me how to flirt with an older man. He's also shy. Is there a special way for how to flirt with shy men? I guess I want to know all the ways to flirt with guys."  

And, of course, there are guys who want to know how to flirt with girls:

  "Can you tell me how to use female body language to let me know how to tell if she likes you? I need to know how to approach a beautiful woman I've never met, talk to her in a way that makes her want me, and know how to take it from there. Can you tell me how to flirt with a woman at work that I like?"  

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